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Carbon Intensity Q&A | CI Chit Chat Episode 7

January 13, 2024 TopSoil Season 8 Episode 1
Carbon Intensity Q&A | CI Chit Chat Episode 7
The TopSoil Podcast
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Welcome to the seventh episode of the CI Chit Chat, where Mitchell and Chad delve into questions about carbon intensity. In this episode, they explore the influence of biologicals on CI scores, the implications of optimizing nutrients, ways to monetize a low CI score, and share their predictions for the future of carbon intensity. 

What is carbon intensity?
Visibility of carbon intensity
Why Continuum Ag?
Why carbon intensity?
What is the average CI score for an Iowa farmer?
How are the average CI scores determined?
How do biological carbon scores fit into carbon intensity scores?
How would optimizing nutrients impact a CI score?
Where do you get your CI score?
How do you get paid for low-carbon crops?
Why would a CI score matter if you are not selling crops to biofuel?
How do you monetize low CI grain?
Will carbon intensity become a standard measurement?
How does TopSoil adjust when there are updates to the GREET model?
Are big foods willing to pay more for low CI crops/ingredients?
Billion Bushel Challenge Team Nebraska