The TopSoil Podcast

US Farmers in Carbon Intensity Markets | CI Series

November 10, 2023 TopSoil Season 8 Episode 7
The TopSoil Podcast
US Farmers in Carbon Intensity Markets | CI Series
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In this TopSoil webinar, Mitchell Hora is joined by guest speaker Amy Skoczlas Cole with Farm Journal. The discussion includes Farm Journal’s Trust in Food program, farmer engagement in carbon markets, the methods employed by farmers to store data, and the significance of this data. Numerous questions from participants were addressed during the session along with insightful reports regarding these topics. 

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Amy Skoczlas Cole Introduction
Farm Journal and Trust in Food
Timeline and purpose of Trust in Food
Understanding the Human Dimensions of Change
Trust in Food Conversation Impact Programs
How should farmers label their animal ag products?
Are sustainable label measurements being developed?
Carbon Credits
Carbon Advisory Council reports
Are farmers participating in carbon markets?
How is carbon intensity defined?
Are farmers participating in carbon markets?
Would the manufacturer rather pay for a carbon credit or a low-carbon commodity?
How are farmers storing their data?
Breaking down data barriers
Connected Ag project partners
Ag project data management platforms
Producers outreach
What are the things farmers need to tackle as a community ?
How do programs stack?